Sensual, understated and completely essential - lube really is a sexual saviour in the bedroom. Whether you're trying to spice up your love life or deflect unwanted dryness, having a trusty lubricant by your bedside will rescue you and your partner from a range of intercourse related issues. So if you still think that lube is only good for couples "of a certain age" you've got it completely wrong...

Adore & More give you our seductive six reasons on making the most out of your silky sexual lubricant...

#1. Inside The Condom 

We're all aware of the benefits of using lube on the outside of the condom for her pleasure, but what about his? Applying a couple of drops of lube to the penis prior to putting the condom on will create a sensation nothing short of orgasmic.

#2. During Vaginal Sex

It's a bit of a no brainer but there's literally no downside to adding coin sized amounts of lube to the penis and vagina to really enhance the pleasure. You don't want to lose all the friction however, so opt for a less is more approach to begin with. If you're worried about staining your bedsheets, we recommend the EXS Clear Lube which features water based ingredients that are kind to fabrics and super easy to wash out.

#3. With A Sex Toy 

If you're not using a great water-based lubricant with your vibrator, your missing out on a world of smooth, silky and stimulating sensations. The little touch of lube when combined with your favourite sex toy will create remarkably new and exciting feelings as it glides over your intimate areas with more fluidity than ever before.

#4. Make Oral Sex Sweeter

Add a dab of our Pasante Strawberry Flavoured Lube to the tip of his penis or her clit and take your oral sex session to irresistible new heights...

#5. During Anal Sex

Along with point #2. - it may seem like stating the obvious - but whereas vaginal sex doesn't always require lube, anal sex absolutely does. If you're not sure how much to use, more always = more.

#6. Foreplay/Sensual Massage 

Lube can be used externally as well as internally so don't hold back... Tease your partner with a naughty massage to really build up the sexual tension.

#7. In The Shower

There's nothing quite as hot and steamy as shower sex but although that cascading water feels amazing against our skin, it can wash away the body's natural lubricants, drying you out and bringing sex to an uncomfortable halt. Always have a bottle of lube close by to keep things moving for even longer.

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