Lube should be at the forefront of your erotic arsenal. From extending playtime to making anal sex possible, it really is a sexual essential you can't live without.

But if you're still not convinced, Adore & More will guide you through our top 7 reasons why you should be using a sexual lubricant today.

#1. The Right Lube Treats Vaginal Dryness 

Getting your hands on the right lube can be a complete game changer if you suffer from vaginal dryness. Whether you're on a particular type of medication, you're going through the menopause or you just need a little extra natural lubrication, having a well chosen lube by your side really is invaluable when you're in the moment.

#2. Twice The Pleasure...

There's something that happens when you apply lube; things just feel smoother - more intense, more sensitive - and this all takes your sexual experience to explosive new heights. If you feel like your sex life needs a little more passion, intimacy and stimulation, see what lubricant can do for you...

#3. Makes Sex Last Longer

Never worry about passion killing friction ruining your fun. Applying a little bit of lube before or during sex is going to turn your sexual sprints into marathon sessions.

#4. Improves Toy Play

Sex toys feel good on their own, they feel great with an added lubricant. Whether you're into clit, anal or even erogenous body play, using the right lube will open your eyes to whole new realms of pleasure.

#5. Prevents Infection, Hydrates And Nourishes

YES lubricants have been specially designed to work alongside the skin and compliment the body's natural lubricant - increasing sensitivity while protecting delicate membranes, restoring the natural pH balance of the vagina and so much more. YES are also recommended by gynaecologist as your go-to lubricant.

Find the moisturising, water and plant-oil based lubricants in our complete YES lube range.

#6. Condoms Feel Better

Condoms can sometimes induce dryness and discomfort, particularly during longer sex sessions. Adding a little lubricant on the inside and outside of the condom helps make everything a little bit smoother and more enjoyable, both for him and for her.

#7. Find The Right Lube To Suit You!

When it comes to finding the right lube for you, there's a huge number to choose from.

Adore & More have made things easier, by breaking it down into use and type:

Anal: Usually thicker, slicker and more long-lasting than regular lubes - many of the products we supply are non-sticky and really easy to wash off your bed sheets as well as your body.

Flavoured: Whipped cream, chocolate, strawberries - all sound like fun, but food shouldn't go anywhere near your private parts. Instead opt for a high quality flavoured lubricant to recreate the taste of food play without the risk of infection or irritation.

Latex Safe: Natural rubber latex condoms needs a certain type of lube that will benefit and not damage the contraceptive surface. Our latex safe range keep things as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Water-Based: The all-rounder for toys, condoms and anything else you can think of!