About Us

Welcome to Adore & More, we believe in exploring your sex life, taking it to new heights - discovering something daring, provocative and exciting about yourself.

Appeasing your fantasies, pushing the boundaries and most importantly, bringing you and your partner closer together is at the heart of what we do.

We are a UK based company who have made it our mission to offer you everything you need to satisfy your sexual needs and to provide you with new ways of achieving the gratification that you have been craving. Our aim since the start has been to create a safe space where embarrassment and awkwardness are a thing of the past. We wanted our customers to feel empowered and confident in going for what they want, regardless of whether they are brand new to the sex toy game or are an experienced pleasure seeker. 

Ensuring that our wide product range is of the highest quality is important to us, so we only stock items from trustworthy brands that also have your best interests at heart. Purchasing sex toys, condoms, lubricants, and many other products that are designed towards your pleasure and satisfaction has never been easier. We understand that discreet delivery is very important to you, so we strive to make this a priority.

Our pleasure is your pleasure, so contact us if you have any questions about anything that you see. 

So what are you waiting for? Explore your sexual desires and browse hundreds of erotic products that you can use on your own or with a partner, taking your sex life to new heights that you have only dreamt of before. 

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