Discreet Packaging

We recognise that making an order for condoms and lubricants shouldn't be a source of embarrassment. Adore and More have assured that everything you buy from our sexual health products range comes with a discretion guarantee, so whether you want your order sent to your home or work address we have made sure that privacy is always a top priority.

What does discreet packaging look like?

For all condoms, lubricants and syringes, your order will arrive in a thick brown jiffy envelope with a padded bubble wrap lining, meaning no one who handles the packaging will be able to see or feel the contents of your parcel.

For all boxes of condoms that you purchase, we use plain bags or boxes depending on the number of items you've ordered. For larger orders (of condoms up to 100) we also use plain brown envelopes to protect your privacy.



As part of our privacy safeguard we have also made sure that all order paperwork comes packaged and sealed inside your envelope or parcel. The return address states 'Return To: Adore and More' so there is no indication of what you've bought.