Following an epic climax, the very last thing on your mind is, "right, better get that sex toy cleaned up!" But before you go packing away your favourite fleshlight or vibrator,  you need to consider how you clean your sex toy... because for every pleasure stick, magic wand or Superskin sleeve, there's a right way and a wrong way...

Incorrectly cleaning a sex toy can leave you open to a whole host of nasty yeast, bacterial infections and even STIs. Adore & More will let you in on a few crucial tips and tricks that will keep your favourite pleasure tool looking and feeling like the day you bought it.

What's Your Sex Toy Made From?

The material makes a big difference in the way you clean it...

Silicone, Stainless Steel, Glass - waterproof/not motorised

Remove internal vibrators, bullets and other attachments as required. Use soap and warm water for day-to-day cleansing or sterilise in boiling water for a 10 minutes for a really deep clean. Some toys are dishwasher safe, just make sure you read the packaging first!

Glass, Stainless Steel & Wood - non-waterproof/motorised 

Don't submerge these toys completely in water, simply dampen a soft cloth with warm water and use mild soap, gently but thoroughly wiping the toy clean.

Superskin, Silicone & Latex

These ultra soft and supple materials found in fleshlights, dildos, strokers and other life-like sex toys need to be treated with care. Use warm water and a dab of soap with very little foaming agents if possible so not to damage the quality of the material.

What About Specialist Cleansers?

Adore & More provide a special Fleshlight Wash (100ML), designed to keep those super sensitive skins clean, hygienic and feeling like new for even longer. All you need to do is spray the outside (and inside) of the product generously, letting it dry naturally. Adore & More recommend using a specialist cleaner like this to maintain the quality of your Superskin, silicone and latex sex toys.

After You've Cleaned Up...

Allow your sex toy to dry off in a well ventilated area, or apply a clean paper towel until it's completely dry then place back in its case, drawstring bag, or similar container to keep it shielded from bacteria and general surface debris.