Almost everyone enjoys a sexual fantasy from time to time. It's completely natural and totally harmless as it will stay within the realms of your imagination.

Unless of course, you decide to act out your fantasy in real life! There is nothing shameful about escaping reality to enjoy something new and exciting. Many of us will keep those fantasies to ourselves however, a little dream to keep us warm at night! We have taken a little look at some of the most popular sexual fantasies. 

Having a threesome

The thought of bringing another person into the bedroom is enough to make many people hot under the collar. Most couples will not act on this as it can bring complications and trust issues into the relationship, but that doesn’t stop us from imagining an extra pair of our hands running their way up and down our bodies!

The risk of getting caught

Sometimes the element of risk is just what you need to move your sexual excitement to the next level. Whether it’s in your car or the bathroom of a nightclub, the pressure of needing to be quick and quiet can really set you on fire! Just be a little cautious when it comes to exotic locations, as there are some countries that will happily arrest you if you get caught in the act.

Same sex experience

Many people find someone of the same sex attractive, even if they are heterosexual. It can be extremely exciting to dabble however, feeling the passion building up and then letting it explode into a night of experimentation. 

Bondage sex

Perhaps not for everyone, unless you are a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, bondage can be extremely erotic and exciting. Whether you like to be dominating or submissive, it can certainly become an addiction and encourage you to keep pushing the boundaries further. As long as both parties are happy and comfortable, then we say go for it!


Whether it’s dressing up or simply taking on a character, this can be exciting for both of you. You can pretend to be whoever you want to be - perhaps Princess Leia from Star Wars, or a sexy policewoman. The beauty is that the options are endless, so you could have a different roleplay evening at least once a week!


This one is for the strong willed and those who are extremely comfortable in their relationship. Swapping partners with your partner's knowledge is perhaps better than having an affair, but you need to trust your other half completely and not let any negative feelings follow you home.

Whether you choose to act on these fantasies or keep them in your head, have fun!