The key to keeping the sexual spark alive in your relationship is to add a little excitement and spontaneity while avoiding complacency and routine.

If you feel like foreplay has gone flat and sex has become predictable, it's time to heat things up again... This is where Erotic Massage comes into play.

Erotic massage employs some of the same principles of regular massage, but takes the tactile body contact of regular massage to explosive new heights.

So if you need an excuse to get the massage oils and toys out, Adore & More give you our 5 favourite reasons to try tonight...

#1. It Will Get You In The Mood

If your partner has collapsed on the bed after a long shift, study period or ardous day of work, the prospect of a marathon sex session won't feel particularly enticing, even if it's playing on your mind.

Erotic massage is the equivalent of hitting the reset button; it's super relaxing, super stimulating, and helps to switch on all those sensual switches in the brain when you feel your partners touch.

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#2. Stress Will Melt Away...

Stress can be a libido killer - it makes you tense, irritable and can shuts down your body and mind to the idea of sex.

Erotic massage is the perfect way to reduce a build-up of tension that occurs in the body. Whereas a regular massage may relieve pain from muscle injury, an erotic massage is almost like a rub-down for both the mind and body or a starting point to trigger foreplay.

#3. Massage Makes Foreplay Easier

If you're really struggling to get in the mood, it will usually be because your head is filled with chatter and you're overthinking everything, from how you look to your partner to questioning why you haven't orgasmed yet.

A massage is the perfect bridge between relaxation and foreplay - you don't even have to think about climaxing anxiety or sexual performance, just close your eyes and give in to the sensations.

#4. Taps Into New Points Of Pleasure

If you're used to set menu of the same foreplay followed by similar sex, your partner is likely to have discovered all your erogenous zones, and every time you get between the sheets, you know what's extactly what buttons are going to be pressed.

Erotic massage is like rediscovering your body all over again and because you're being caressed in a very new way, you may discover whole new areas of your body you didn't know that you liked being touched.

#5. It Makes Anyone Feel Amazing 

Whether it's a big relationship anniversary or a rainy Tuesday night, erotic massage makes you feel like you're the complete focus of your partner's attention.

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