Anal douching, rinsing or cleansing is something you may or not be aware of, but either way, you need to know how to do it the right way as well as what to avoid.

It's a subject that isn't really talked about in the world of sexual health but it's time we smash the stigma and drill deep into why we believe douching is important.

Let's start by outlining exactly what douching is...

In short, it's a form of pre-sex ablution that is conducted using a device called a douche which shoots a stream of water into the anus for the purposes of sexual hygiene. There are several different products you can use to do this which we will get into later.

Douching has its pros and cons. There's a strong argument that someone with a healthy body and a good diet possesses an internal system that is pretty effective at keeping itself clean.

However, anal sex can be a messy affair, and if you want to remember your back door antics for all the right reasons and without any gross surprises, we would definitely recommend the use of a douching device.

Adore & More will guide you through our top 7 tips before you delve deep into the douching world...

Lube Up

It goes without saying, but anywhere 'downstairs' is delicate and needs to be treated with respect. Prior to putting a douching nozzle anywhere near your body, lube up a finger carefully loosen and relax the muscles by massaging the anal area.

The next step is to lube up the nozzle of your douching instrument and very carefully insert it. We stress being careful as you don't what to scratch, damage or tear the inside of your rectum as this  can open you up to a risk of infection and other STIs.

Don't Use Too Much Water

A good rule of thumb is to follow the instructions on your douching device and only use the amount of water that it is designed to hold. Using too much water can cause internal damage and lead to a range of problems that relate to our next point...

Don't 'Over Douche'

Douching too much can cause a series of complications and health problems down the line, so you need to avoid douching regularly and follow a 'once in a while' mentality.

Frequent, aggressive over-douching can lead to...

  • Douche dependancy
  • Irritation
  • Increased mucus production
  • Constipation issues
  • Internal injury
  • A clearing out of good bacteria
  • Anal dryness which can lead to infection

Adjust Your Diet

You can actually make anal sex a less messy affair by following a healthy, varied and fibre-rich diet.

Eating plenty of wholegrains, beans, rice, bran cereals, nuts and drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps the digestive system function correctly and helps your stools come out cleaner and healthier, resulting in your anus and rectum feeling better and working better.

Allow Time Before You Have Sex

At the very least you need to leave an hour or preferrably longer between the moment you stop douching to the moment you have sex. The reason for this is that your body may still be expelling excess water for a while after the douching process has ended.

Make Sure You Use The Correct Water

As long as you're applying the 'once in a while' or 'once every blue moon' douching discpline, tap water should be fine, but you need to be aware that using tap water regularly can harm the electrolyte balance in your butt. Using a medically approved, body-safe saline solution contains the correct ratios of waters and salts that your body can handle.

Do not use hot water in your douching regime - this will damage the internal mucous lining - instead use water that is tepid or lukewarm but absolutely not hot.

Know Your Products

There are a range of different products in our anal douche selection to help you discover exactly what you need to complete the perfect cleanse. From advanced shower kits to full flush out systems, travel kits, rinsers and more - find exactly what you need only at A&M...