When women fall pregnant it can go one of two ways - their sex drive can go through the roof, leaving them horny and sexually frustrated, or they can lose interest completely.

For those that discover they have an increase in their sex drive a common question arises; is it safe to masturbate and use sex toys during pregnancy?

Is it safe?

As long as you are experiencing a problem free pregnancy, then yes it is safe. There are a few rules to try and follow to ensure that it is smooth sailing and comfortable, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t experience some sexual pleasure during a long nine months!

Keep it clean

If you are using sex toys, make sure that you keep them clean by rinsing and drying them properly. This will help you to keep good hygiene and avoid any infections that can potentially bring on early labour.

If you are in any doubt about whether you should be using a sex toy during pregnancy, consult your midwife. It is perfectly natural and nothing to be embarrassed about, so be sure to ask them all of the questions that you need answered.

Stop if you experience pain

If you find that using a sex toy is painful, uncomfortable or causes bleeding, stop straight away. Every woman is different, so it may be that your body is protecting itself, but it is important to listen to it and ask your midwife if it is wise to continue.

Lube it up!

Hormones during pregnancy can be all over the place, sometimes making the vagina more dry than it usually would be. It is advisable to use lubrication with your sex toy to make it more pleaseurable and comfortable.

Your baby will be completely safe when you are using your vibrator. They are protected by layers of fluid sacks and your body's natural pregnancy defences, so just lie back, relax and enjoy some time for yourself while you still can!