With another year now up and running, many of us will be looking to our horoscopes for guidance and for clues as to what 2022 will hold for us. 

Our star signs can offer us an insight into ourselves and other people, but what do they say about our sex lives? We have taken a little look at each sign to see what sexual traits each one has - does yours sound familiar?


You are likely to be very passionate and sensual! You are gentle, but intense, loving affection and romance from your significant other.


Precise and accurate, a Virgo is generally attentive and can often be a perfectionist - practice makes perfect in the bedroom!


Often cautious about throwing themselves into a relationship, a Capricorn will be looking for an emotional connection between the sheets.


There are many sides to an Aries. Passion and desire rule, with a balance between spontaneity and control. They also like to dominate and can be impatient, but with plenty of stamina.


Thriving on attention and praise, a Leo uses sex to show off their abilities. They are open to new things as long as they will be good at it and will be wonderfully enthusiastic with it. 


This fun loving sign is the most adventurous and will be playful in the bedroom. They love sex games and will be open to anything experimental.


Seeking emotional intimacy, a Cancerian looks for romantic encounters and not just one night stands. Their initial fear of intimacy will be lost as they start to feel comfortable.


Mysterious and intimidating, a Scorpio is very intense, with a raw sexual energy that has no shame or inhibitions.


Empathetic and in tune with others a Picean seeks a deep emotional connection. Once they feel secure in their relationship they will become more seductive and experimental.


A mischievous thrill seeker, a Gemini is experimental and loves the thrill of the chase. They will lose themselves in pleasure, being curious and sometimes restless.


Seductive and elusive, a Libra is picky and specific in their tastes. They love falling in love, but are easily disappointed.


Struggling to commit and hard to seduce, an Aquarian is unconventional and a free spirit.