What's the secret to getting a larger penis? It's the subject most men don't talk about, let alone admit to, and yet, 'how to get a bigger penis manually' is still one of the most Googled search terms out there.

So what's the secret to a more impressive erection? Look no further than the first name in male enhancement - a penis pump.

To the uninitiated, a penis pump may seem like more of a novelty item, but the results are definitely to be taken seriously. If you've been striving for a harder, fuller, long-lasting erection, you've come to the right place - Adore & More will guide you through everything you need to know before you purchase your first penis pump.

How Does A Penis Pumps Work?

The pump itself can look a little imposing to those who are unfamiliar, but all you're looking at is an airtight chamber in which the shaft of your penis rests. When squeezed, the hand pump is used to create a vacuum which draws more blood flow into the penile tissue. As this occurs, the tissue partitions that make up your manhood augment, allowing even more blood to enter, offering a powerful erection like you've never experienced.

What's great about a penis pump is that YOU control the amount of pressure that's applied. Although they're safe to use, the instructions on your chosen product must be followed to avoid risk of injury.

When Will I See Results?

Anything worth having requires time and patience and it's going to take more than a few pumping sessions to make a meaningful difference. Regularly stimulating the tissue will ultimately lead to a more mighty manhood, so all you need to do ensure you're putting the time and you may expect to see a visual and tactile change to the girth of your penis and possibly a slight change to the length.

What Is The Pump Experience Like?

The pumping action feels a lot like the sucking feeling of a blow-job - all you need to do is use the penis pump to stimulate your penis the same way you would to bring your closer to climax. Ensure you have a great water-based lube to hand, applying it to the base your pump to create a tight seal.

If you happen to suffer from erectile dysfunction, poor circulation or any type of medical issue that impacts your sex life, using a pump is a great way to sustain and maintain an erection without the need for drugs.

Choose The Right Penis Pump

There's a male enhancement toy tailored to your exact needs, so make sure you check out our full selection, including this Seven Creations Black Penis Enlarger Pump, the Quick Draw Pump from California Exotics and many more eye-opening toys to discover today, only at Adore & More...