Imagine that Christmas Day is almost over and the family have all gone home, leaving you and your partner to your own devices for the remainder of the evening. 

This is the perfect time to surprise them with a special gift that you could not leave under the tree to be opened in front of countless other people. Turn the lights down low, set up some sexy mood music and slip into something a little more revealing, ready to jingle your lovers bells until the early hours of Boxing Day!

Spencer & Fleetwood Chocolate Body Paint

Simple yet effective, this body paint is great fun and will make foreplay even more enjoyable. Layer it on and lick it off, just don’t overdo the Christmas pudding beforehand!

Pearl Shine Purple Temptation Mystic Kit

Ignite the flames of passion with this erotic mix of fun toys for him and toys for her. Ding Dong Merrily On High indeed!

Maids Outfit 5 Piece Set

The house always needs a clean after the family has left for the day, so slip into this little number and dust away until your lover decides it’s time to give you a well earned reward!

Lovers Choice Romantic Essentials Kit

Surprise the one you love with this wonderfully sexy set that you can use together. Including bath and massage products, this is the perfect way to get sensual on a cosy winter night. 

Toy Joy Big Bold Bunny Vibrator

Vibrators don’t have to be enjoyed alone! Share the love and erotic sensations this Christmas, with a pulsing stimulator that will make you think all your Christmases have come at once!