Using condoms either in the shower or fully submerged in water is a bit of a grey area when it comes to giving out advice; on the one hand, condom companies don't generally recommend it and on the other hand we don't want to endorse anything that could put you or your partner at risk.

That being said, Adore & More fancy tackling some of the more puzzling sexual questions... So, to overcome this condom conundrum, we will guide you through what you need to know if you do end up in the water with your trusty contraceptive.

Should I Even Consider Using A Condom In The Shower?

It's the most obvious place to start and you're probably wondering something along the lines of will the condom fall off or break? Will the heat of the water and soaps damage the condom? Will it fill with water like a balloon?

Although the latter is unlikely, the other questions are ultimately harder to answer and a situation that may turn out great for one couple may be less than successful for another - partly due to the lack of reliable data on the success of condoms in water.

What we will say is that wearing a condom in the shower is still one of your very best defenses against unwanted pregnancy and STIs. However, in terms of sexual satisfaction, pleasure and other precautions, there are certain things you'll need to do to make sex in the shower as safe as it can be...

Use The Correct Lubricant

Water is an enemy of lubricant, so you're going to have to use it generously because most of it will wash away thanks to the cascading stream running from the shower head causing unwanted friction. Water based and silicon based lubricants are an absolute MUST. Don't use soaps, shampoos or oils as a makeshift lube as the ingredients in these products could compromise or even break the condom, not to mention irritate you and your partner. We also suggest staying away from oil based lubricants as they could weaken the latex surface of your contraceptive.

What Positions Are Recommended For Safe Shower Sex?

Any sex position that isn't directly under the shower head is going to be your most safest option - therefore standing up facing away from the direct stream will prevent the risk of slippage, breakage and friction caused by loss of lubrication. Sex in the shower can be precarious but as long as what you're doing doesn't resemble anything from a contortionists repertoire, you should be fine.

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