Condoms are probably the most convenient and easily accessible form of contraception, but accidental breakages are something that cross our minds from time to time. Although its an uncommon occurrence, there's nothing worse than when things are starting to heat up between the sheets and you feel it, the condom has broken - it's a complete passion killer. Using a condom in the correct way will ensure that you stay safe and prevent the sexual spark from fading...  To help you out, Adore & More have put together our top reasons why condoms fail and what you need to do to prevent breakages from happening.

Check The Expiry Date 

Whether you have amassed a stockpile of your favourite condoms or you're grabbing at the first one to hand when you're in the moment, make sure you take a look at the expiration date before you get intimate. That month and year stamp on the reverse of the wrapper isn't there for decoration, and once that date passes, the risk of your condom breaking will be higher than before.

Know How To Store Them

Cool, dry and out of direct sunlight are the conditions that condoms love... Most have a pretty long shelf life (although we stress keeping an eye on that expiry date!) but if you've had the same condom nestled in your wallet for a long time, you may be putting yourself at risk of a breakage. Bedside drawers and cabinets are the best and most convenient environment for any contraceptive.

Love Your Lubricants

Lack of lubrication is a pleasure killer and a complete no-no for your condom. Most condoms come with a slightly lubricated surface but this isn't really enough if you're experiencing painful friction during sex, which can ultimately kill the mood and lead to a condom tearing. The level of lubricant really depends on a lot of different factors - from the type of sex you're having to the physical requirements and personal preferences of you and your partner. Whatever your individual tastes, having a great lubricant by your side will make sure sex is free from breakage anxiety and even more enjoyable than it was before.

One Size Does Not Fit All

If your condoms are breaking or causing discomfort, you may have been using the wrong size without even realising... But worry not! Luckily not all condoms were created the same, and no matter what your size, you'll find something to help you achieve that perfect fit.

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