When you have been with a partner for a while, it’s only natural that your sex life can become a little stale. It’s easy to fall into patterns, having sex only on certain days of the week and going into auto-pilot with the same moves, with a common feeling of deja vu.

If you are slowly falling into a bit of a sexual rut that you want to get out of, then keep reading! We have put together a list of suggestions for adding some excitement back into the bedroom, which are all easy to implement. In no time at all you will back to your sexual peak, enjoying new experiences and renewing that special spark with your partner.

Sexting before you get home

Why waste time reading a book on the train after work, when you could be texting all manner of sexy innuendos to your other half. Whether they are still at work or already at home, there is much fun to be had in this modern age of sexting! Describe all of the things that you plan to do to them when you get home, in a way that you may not feel brave enough to say to their face. You can guarantee that by the time you are in the same vicinity, you will be aching to tear each others clothes off!

Bring food into the bedroom

One of the simplest ways to reignite the passion in your sex life is through the use of food in foreplay! It’s an idea that we can all get on board with, using foods that we all know and love, without the need to feel embarrassment from it. You could start by feeding each other strawberries, adding in some whipped cream that you could spray onto each others bodies and slowly lick off. The act of using the mouth and tongue is extremely sensual and erotic, a sure way to arouse your partner and have them begging for more. 

You could try wearing an edible G-string, the perfect way for your partner to start enjoying all of the sweet treats that you have to offer!

Try some new positions

If a position works for you then don’t feel pressured to change it. However, if you are in need of something new in the bedroom, this could be the most exciting way to go about it. You don’t need to work through the kama sutra in order to find satisfaction from a new position (although it could be fun to try!), as perhaps a simple swap of who goes on top could be all you need.

If you decide to try anal sex for the first time, stock up on our anal sex essentials to ensure that the experience is as smooth and enjoyable  as possible.

Venture into role play

Sometimes we all wish that we were someone else, so why not experiment with this in the bedroom! Ask your partner what their fantasies are or whether they find a particular uniform more sexy than another. Then surprise them when they arrive home, dressed up and ready to impress! 

You will be surprised at how quickly you will get into playing a character, offering to take their temperature as a nurse or doctor, or perhaps telling a suspect in your custody what a bad boy they have been. Just remember where you leave the key if you use handcuffs!

Experiment with sex toys

These days you can find a sex toy to satisfy almost any desire, which makes this option one of the most exciting. There are toys for him, for her or for both, some which vibrate and some that don’t. They are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, meaning that you can spend hours of fun exploring which ones will suit you both the best. 

Perhaps begin by introducing a vibrator, running it over each other’s bodies and around the private areas for arousal and penetration. If you wish to, you can progress to anal sex toys or even bondage toys for those who would like to push the boundaries even further.