We all love a relaxing massage, usually given by a qualified therapist with the fingers of an angel! You always know when it’s a particularly good massage as you have to stifle the urge to moan erotically!

So why not transfer this to the bedroom? It’s surprisingly easy to learn how to give an erotic massage, as it won’t take long for your partner to get in the mood and take things further. We have put together a few pointers to help you get started.

Know what you’re trying to achieve

  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, it’s meant to be relaxing for you as well
  • Treat the massage as foreplay - it’s meant to get your partner in the mood for sex, not sort out their bad back
  • Think of ther massage as connecting on a different level, building your closeness rather than jumping into a heavy sex session where you don’t speak to each other
  • A massage is a great way to start things slowly, giving you both time to relax and unwind after a busy day
  • Caressing the skin is a massive turn-on, even the lightest touch is sure to get them tingling in all the right places!

Preparation is key

  • Make sure your nails are smooth
  • Take off any rings and watches
  • Have everything you need within arms reach - you don’t want to kill the mood by popping to the bathroom every few minutes
  • Decide on a good location, whether it’s the bedroom or on a soft rug in the living room
  • Make sure the temperature in the room isn’t too hot or cold
  • Set the scene with candles and low lighting - creating an atmosphere is very important 
  • Choose your massage oils and lotions carefully - ensure they are not strong smelling, are for sensitive skin and are edible, if that’s your intention!

How do I get started?

  • Gently straddle your partners back or kneel closely next to them
  • Put some oil onto your hands and rub them together to warm it
  • Do not press too hard - unless that's the sort of massage you're aiming for
  • Use long and lingering movements
  • Press and knead your thumbs into the body
  • Try intimate stroking, caressing and rubbing - then concentrate on whichever one gets your lover moaning the most
  • Run a sex toy over the skin at different speeds and wait for a reaction to the vibrations
  • Make it last as long as you can to intensify the erotic sensation before moving onto sex

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