Foreplay is a vital part of any active sex life, allowing you and your partner the opportunity to build up the excitement and reach new heights of pleasure.

A bit of a mystery to some, foreplay does not need to be awkward, complicated or contrived. Keeping it as natural as possible is sometimes the key to gaining the best results, focusing on what your significant other finds the most erotic and exploring new ways to get their juices flowing!

Let your fingers do the talking

Many of us have certain areas of the body that we find more sensitive than others, with just a simple touch making us feel aroused. Gently stroke these areas, whether it be on inner arm, inner thigh or elsewhere, with as light a touch as possible to stimulate the area. This will send an exciting tingle through your partner's body, signalling that it is time to start using your tongue to continue!

A  sensual massage can also have the same outcome. Begin in the traditional area of the back and slowly move your hands lower and lower, moving to the arms and legs. Finally ask your partner to turn over, giving your hands an all access pass to more erotic territory.

Time to dance

Music can trigger something sensual inside us, so pop something slow on and pull your other half up for a dance. Turning the lights down low and lighting some candles can help to create an erotic atmosphere, as can putting away any mobile phones to ensure that you can only concentrate on each other.

Hold your partner close and gently move to the music, moving your hands slowly up and down their back and arms. Gently kiss each other's necks and move your legs closer to theirs so that they are almost intertwined. It won’t be long before both parties are aroused and initiating the next step. 

When teasing is encouraged

Playing a strip-tease card game can be a fun way to start the foreplay action. With each losing card, remove an item of clothing (be sure to add an extra layer or two before you start, otherwise the game will be very short), taking it off slowly and keeping eye contact with your partner as you do so. Wear something sexy as your final layer of clothes, such as a new lingerie set. This will leave your partner open mouthed as you stand in front of them to remove it.

If you can’t find a pack of cards to initiate a game, seat your partner in the centre of the room, put on some sexy music and perform a strip-tease dance for them. Remove your clothes slowly whilst you move rhythmically around their chair and drape your discarded items over them. As the clothes become fewer, start to move closer so that you are almost touching them, sure to start a fire inside their loins!

Bring out the toys

Sex toys are a great way of creating foreplay moments that you won’t forget. With toys that can be used on him, her or both, you can be sure that both participants will have their sexual arousal heightened to an exciting level. 

Experiment with dildos, vibrators, remote control toys, nipple clamps and more, depending on what takes your fancy. You don’t need to try them all in one session, you can choose something different each time and surprise your other half with a brand new foreplay experience. 

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