The word orgasm is in our vocabulary from a surprisingly young age, often as part of a fun conversation in the playground, where let's face it, no-one really knew the real meaning. 

As we start to understand and experience sex, the word orgasm begins to become more and more important to us, as an experience that separates good sex from bad and an experienced partner from a novice. However, orgasms are not that straightforward. We have taken a closer look at what it means to have an orgasm, with an aim to answer some of the questions that you have always wanted to ask.

What is an orgasm?

Also referred to as coming or climaxing, an orgasm is the intense pleasure you feel at the peak of your sexual activity. You will most likely find that your heart beats faster and you will become a little breathless, caused by the contractions of the muscles in the genital area. You may also ejaculate whilst having your orgasm, although this won’t happen for everyone.

Are there different kinds of orgasm?

Yes, it’s not one size fits all for experiencing a great orgasm. You may orgasm easier with clitoral stimulation, vaginal or perhaps cervical. It might be that you need a little bit of each to reach your climax, maybe even in a certain order! Some people find the most pleasure from anal play, with the nipples being another area that can make us shudder with excitement, sometimes unexpectedly.

Does an orgasm mean you are having better sex?

Not at all. Good sex is about the whole package and not just the end result, so as long as you are find the whole process enjoyable, you have nothing to worry about if you do not reach an orgasm. Having an orgasm does not make the experience any more intimate or less arousing, just be in the moment and let the pleasure take you wherever it wants to go!

What can I do if I struggle to orgasm?

If it bothers you that you are unable to orgasm, you may need to look closely into why this could be. It might be down to either a physical or psychological condition that hinders your ability to reach a climax, both of which have many treatments available to help. Sometimes performing regular pelvic floor exercises can be enough to enhance your sexual experience.

Is foreplay important for an orgasm?

For most women foreplay plays a key role in reaching a satisfying orgasm. It can help us to get more aroused and also help with natural lubrication that is essential for penetration. Why wouldn't you make the experience last longer with some foreplay!