Getting older can have many challenges, with our bodies changing in all sorts of ways that can sometimes unsettle us. Our sexual experiences can change too, as we may like it more often, or perhaps not at all. 

There is no reason to enjoy sex or sex toys any less as we age, so we have put together a few answers to some burning questions, to help ensure that we can all keep reaching the peaks that we desire!

Will the menopause affect my libido?

Possibly. If your hot flashes are keeping you awake at night, then you will naturally not be in the mood for any lively bedroom action. Your body will also be lacking the hormones that are associated with sexual desire, so this can work towards your libido feeling low.

Visiting your doctor or practise nurse can help to get you back on the libido road! There are a great many hormone creams and other treatments that can help to stabilise your body and start getting you back in the mood.

Will I suffer with vaginal dryness?

During and after the menopause women experience reduced levels of estrogen in the body. This can result in a dryness in the vagina, which is caused by less natural lubrication that estrogen would normally encourage.

This can easily be corrected during intercourse or when you wish to use a sex toy, by applying a lubricant to make things more comfortable.

Can I still use sex toys?

Absolutely! There is no reason why you shouldn’t continue to enjoy using sex toys as much as you did before. As we mentioned, you may need to factor in more lube than you might have done in the past, but the process will be exactly the same.

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You will be going through a great deal of changes as you reach and go through the menopause, not only physically, but mentally. Your emotions may feel all over the place and you could feel more stressed than normal.

This is perfectly natural and you will not be alone in experiencing these things. Talk about it to your doctor, as well as friends who may be going through the same thing. This in turn will feel like a relief and can go a long way towards feeling relaxed enough to jump back onto the sex wagon!