Vibrators are a big part of our modern day sex lives, with a variety of designs and sizes to choose from.

But have you ever wondered if vibrators are to use? Or whether we should be restricting the amount of times that we use one? In this months blog we look to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that people have on vibrator safety.

How do I ensure my vibrator is safe?

One of the main dangers from using a vibrator can come from the bacteria grows on a sex toy. This is why it is extremely important to keep your toy clean, using appropriate cleaning products that will not degrade the material. Keep it in a clean and dry drawer where it is safe from picking up dust or from receiving cross contamination from other belongings. 

Also, check what materials your sex toy is made from. If you have an allergy to latex for example, you will need to be sure that this is not used on your vibrator.

Can I use a vibrator too much?

Basically no. There have been mutterings in the past to say that you can desensitise your private areas by using a vibrator on a very regular basis, but studies have shown this not to be true.

There is the potential to have some  irritation in your vaginal area if the skin is quite sensitive. The most likely cause for this may be that you are not using the vibrator correctly, so revisit your technique and make changes where needed.

Things not to do with your vibrator

Most vibrators have been designed for a specific use, either anally or vaginally. It is important that you only use it as instructed as you may cause some damage, if you use a vaginal vibrator anally for instance. If it is a vibrator that can be used for both, you must be sure to sanitise it before you switch places. If you change from one place to another without cleaning it first, you will run the risk of spreading bacteria that can lead to an infection.

Also, be sure not to share your sex toy with anyone. This can lead to sexually transmitted infections being passed on, which can be uncomfortable, possibly hard to clear up and can sometimes be dangerous to your health.

Will it stop me from climaxing with a partner

This can depend on how much you have used your vibrator before having sex with your partner. It is possible that you could become so used to climaxing with a sex toy that your partner is unable to recreate the same feeling of satisfaction for you. Your brain may convince you that this is the only way that you can achieve the pleasure you desire, especially if you have only had a vibrator for company for a long period of time. 

Your body can sometimes become lazy with a vibrator, believing that the act of having sex with a partner is pointless when you can lie almost still and reach orgasm. You can change this habit if you wish, it will just be a case of getting your mind and body to think the same way and by adding foreplay into your relationship in order to get the juices flowing once more!

Is it actually healthy to use a vibrator?

Most sex therapists say yes! It is a great way for exploring your own erogenous zones, as a way to find out what you do and don’t like. 

It can be good for those who struggle to climax with a partner, but who desire to achieve that feeling somehow. It may also help anyone who suffers with intimacy issues, gradually building the amount that your body is touched so that you can eventually introduce a partner, or indeed you may not want a partner at all.