Sex toys are not just for women. Yet many men do not realise that products are available that have been specially designed for their pleasure. These toys can be enjoyed alone or with a partner, but the aim is simple; to heighten your sexual experience and bring you to levels of ecstasy that you may not have thought were possible.

We have put together a simple guide of sex toys for men, to help make it easier to know what to look for on your voyage of discovery!

Male Masturbation Toys

There are a surprising amount of masturbator toys for men, from life-like parts of a woman that can be used for arousal to eggs that can be inserted for extra stimulation, especially when experimenting on your own.

Don't feel shy about trying these products, as you may miss out on the pleasure that you can create for yourself. Women experiment with their bodies more than you may realise, so as soon as you accept that it is natural to give things a helping hand, you will be amazed at what a male masturbation toy can do for you.

Penis Pumps

Seen as both a sex toy and an aid to getting a bigger penis, this is a range that can give you results to make you feel more confident in your sexual encounters with a partner. The aim of a pump is to make your penis bigger in length and girth, which can lead to harder and longer-lasting erections.

Simply fit the tube over your penis and squeeze the pump to increase the pressure as much as you wish. This should result in blood moving up the penis and ending in a satisfying erection, which you can keep harder for longer by applying a cock ring. Sometimes the feeling of this alone is what you are after, although if your partner is nearby, it would be a shame to waste it!

Vagina Sex Toys

Sometimes you may feel the urge for penetration, but do not have a partner readily available. A product such as a vagina sex toy will replicate the feeling of entering a woman, with no awkward chat up lines, waiting around or having to find alternative ways to create that satisfaction.

Toys such as these are designed to feel as much like the real thing as possible, made with materials that are soft and textured to enable you to get an authentic experience. They may have suction capabilities, to allow the vagina to imitate the feeling of penetration, as well as areas that you can squeeze in order to increase the pressure around your penis if you so choose. 

Butt Plugs

With the ability to enhance an orgasm or add extra stimulation, butt plugs are available in many different sizes and materials. Easy to use on your own, you can increase the size of the plugs you choose in order to maximise the sensation. If you meet a partner at some point, you can also bring this toy into the bedroom and incorporate it into your couples time.

We provide discreet packaging on all of our deliveries, making it even easier to order a sex toy without any embarrassment whatsoever. So if you have never tried a male sex toy before, there is no better time than now to experiment with what you desire.