According to research 'the average couple has sex as much as 9 times in 10 days whilst on holiday.'

Therefore, it's only natural that the "I should have brought my sex toys" thought ends up creeping in around day 3 when you really wanted to take things to the next level...

If you're reading this, it's more than likely that you planned ahead. So how do you get your sex toys through airport security without causing a scene of cringing embarrassment?

The answer is much simpler than you thought, it just requires a bit of forward-planning and preparation.

To help you out, Adore & More give you a step-by-step guide, from legal restrictions through to luggage packing.

#1. Research The Country Laws

Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, The Maldives, Saudi Arabia and The UAE are all countries where sex toys are banned. The prohibition of sex toys in certain areas of the world is usually down to various cultural differences, religious conservatism and other traditional values. It's best not to worry about the 'whys' but really do your research and drill down into what sex toys or similar adult items you can or can't take before your next holiday.

#2. Downsize Your Lube & Sex Toys

Packing for holidays is about taking just what you need from home and shrinking everything down to the bare essentials - the same goes for your sex toys.

'Personal items' in your hand luggage seem to be restricted to a 6cm limit - so think compact vibrators, mini bullets and other travel sized items that will probably go unnoticed as you go through security.

#3. Remove The Batteries

One of the worst scenarios is having your favourite vibrator randomly switch on inside your hand luggage or suitcase, buzzing away for all to hear. If you don't want to draw any unnecessary attention, don't just switch off your sex toy, remove the batteries if possible or run down the charge - you'll thank us later.

#4. Pack Smart

It's a good idea to store your sex toy in a see-through plastic bag. Not only is it more hygienic, but if you do have to open your suitcase for any reason, no staff has to put their hands directly on your favourite dildo or vibrator...

Looking to take lube on holiday? According to UK hand luggage restrictionsyou can take 100ml of liquid in your hand luggage so long as the container is sealed and presented in a clear plastic bag. Otherwise, put any small lubricants, pleasure gels or similar items in your checked-in suitcase.hh

#5. Place Anything Else In Your Suitcase Or 'Check-In' Luggage

Simply put, anything that seems to break the hand luggage restrictions will need to go in your checked-in suitcase or luggage.

If you're into BDSM, make sure you're not packing something that's weapon-like or dangerous. If you're taking ropes, chains, handcuffs, paddles, harnesses, etc. it's likely that security staff will have seen it all before. But wherever you're arriving and departing from, do some research first so you don't run into any drama, and always be honest about what's in your luggage - which leads us onto our next point...

#6. What Do I Say If I Get Stopped Or Questioned?

If screening staff or security ask you what's in your luggage tell them clearly and honestly - don't try to be vague to avoid embarrassment. If you really don't want your 18 inch Annihilator XXXL Dildo to make an unduly appearance at the check-in queue, you could try to ask that your luggage be searched in private due to the personal or intimate nature of the contents.

#7. What If I Want To Take A Sex Toy Unsuitable For Travel?

If you're taking something that's not suitable for airport travel or the prospect of getting stopped and searched is too embarrassing, we suggest that you post your item to your holiday destination, requesting a signature upon delivery. You could either email the owners of the hotel or villa you're staying at to let them know that you're expecting a parcel; which is useful if you want to take a sex toy that's too long or too large to fit in your luggage.