Sometimes our sex lives can get a little bit mundane, as in it’s good, but not great. Especially when you have been with the same partner for a long time, it can feel like you are simply going through the motions and not achieving the levels of pleasure that you may have enjoyed in the past.

This is where it can be important to spend time getting intimate with your own body, getting reacquainted with old erogenous zones or finding some new ones that you may have developed with age. Once you have spent time on your own regaining this self-pleasure, it  can really freshen things up in the bedroom when you rejoin your partner. Here are 5 easy ways to work on yourself so that you can work on each other….literally!

Enjoy some erotica

There is nothing wrong with watching a sexy film, reading an erotic book or listening a hot and heavy audio story. This is a great way to become aroused and can often give you some ideas on new things to try!

Pleasure yourself regularly

Making time to masturbate is an effective way of building your sexual excitement, priming you for those exciting moments when you come together with your partner. It can help to make clearer what feels good and what will work when it comes to achieving an orgasm.

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Take time to fantasise

Thinking of other people can be a good way to get yourself excited during sex. We don’t mean having an affair, or thinking of the good looking chap next door, but of celebrities or rock stars - whatever floats your boat! You’re not cheating and it can stimulate desires that your partner will feel the benefits of.

Learn to love yourself

Loving the skin you’re in is incredibly important in making your sex life more exciting, as you will find that you have more confidence and won’t feel the need to hide underneath the duvet. Compliment yourself daily and invest in some sexy underwear and clothes that make you feel desirable and positive about the way you look.

Try something new

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of research into how to improve your sex life. Have a browse of the kama sutra to see if anything inspires you, or perhaps invest in some sex toys that are deisgned for you to use with your partner. It could really open your eyes!

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