When work and family feels like it’s taking over, our sex lives can hit a bit of a slump. It’s only natural and most couples go through it, where there never seems to be enough time and those moments we do spend together are taken over by mundane things.

However, it is important to keep those sexual connections strong, as it will help to keep relationships fresh and help to satisfy the needs that we all have. We have put together a few handy pointers that can help you to escape your sex slump!

Time to go solo

Sometimes a little bit of alone time can work wonders. Not only can it help us to de-stress from a busy day, it can make us remember just what we are missing when it comes to sexual togetherness. 

If your masturbation session helps to reawaken your senses, grab your partner and perhaps try some new positions or locations to add a little bit of excitement. 

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Spice things up with a regular date night

Having some regular time together is key to keeping your sex life alive. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, having that night to look forward to and fantasise about is extremely important.

Start with a candlelit dinner with some gentle music, then perhaps take a shower together. Enjoy some foreplay here, before taking it into the bedroom and letting nature take its course. Don’t forget to book your kids a sleepover with their grandparents, so that there are no time restraints on your evening.

Spontaneity is key

There’s nothing quite as sexy as an unexpected quickie! If you only have ten minutes spare before you have to leave the house or before the kids come home from school, grab your partner and make the most of it.

Save time by keeping clothes on and having your quickie in whatever room you happen to be in….it will only add to the excitement!

Plan a getaway

If you find it hard to spend quality time together at home, plan a getaway where you can leave everyday things behind and just concentrate on each other. 

Whether it’s a weekend in this country or a week abroad, plan some nice evening activities that will get you in the mood and head back to the hotel for some early nights - without the sleep of course!

Try some new positions

Your sex slump may be more about the content rather than the time you have together. If you have been practising the same sexual position for as long as you can remember, it is likely that your routine needs a real shake up. 

Don’t be embarrassed to suggest some new positions, as it is likely that your partner will be feeling the same as you. If it doesn’t work for you, then try another, then another. You will be amazed at what can excite you unexpectedly!