Your sex life shouldn't feel like a routine, but if it is, a sex toy can be a great way of enhancing the sexual desire between you and your partner.  If you're looking to rediscover intimacy whilst bringing some excitement and spontaneity to the bedroom, Adore & More have put together our most surprising reasons how a sex toy will take your passion play to the next level.

Pleasure Will Skyrocket 

New, exciting and daring activities cause your body's 'happy hormone' called dopamine to spike. Sex, lust and love all play a role in stimulating the reward centres of the brain - and a sex toy is the perfect tool for sending sexual desire through the roof.

So next time you want to heat things up between the sheets, consider giving your libido a boost with a with a routine crushing vibrating sex toy to kick start your love life.

The LELO LIV 2 RECHARGEABLE VIBRATOR is a brilliant option for both partners to use thanks to it's unisex design and versatile shape that allows you to explore many different kinds or erogenous play. Whether you're in a girl-boy or same sex relationship, this is the perfect choice for targeting any sensitive areas of the body and bringing your sex life to boiling point.

Encourages Foreplay, And Lots More Of It

Foreplay is all about building desire up and up until it reaches breaking point. But in-between foreplay and sex is a melding of the physical and emotional connection between you and your partner; sex toys bring you both closer together whilst putting the fun back into the sexual preamble.

A bullet vibrator or cock ring are the perfect turn on tools to drive your partner crazy during foreplay, making your subsequent sex session an even more explosive one.

Stimulates Communication

Communication is the key to unlocking better a better sex life and getting a toy can be the perfect talking point. If you're looking to delve into your partner's deepest fantasies and desires, sex toys can be a great ice breaker, helping build trust and test your limits. What's also great about sex toys is that you can start with fairly basic or 'vanilla' toys and work your way up to more challenging shapes, sizes and designs as you get more confident.

Helps You Find New Erogenous Zones

If you've been with the same partner for a long time, finding new and exciting things to do between the sheets can be difficult. Spontaneity and creativity is your best answer - so look no further than a brilliant massager toy to target those less obvious areas of sexual pleasure, triggering a spine tingling sensation all over your body. On your sexual journey you may even come across erogenous zones that your partner didn't even know they had...