Growing up can be a confusing time, especially when it comes to learning about sex. False facts are often spread around the school yard, leaving us in a position where we want more information, but are too embarrassed to ask. 

Most of these rumours are eventually put right, via sex education, honest parents or a bit of Googling, but lets be honest, sex does not always make that much sense when we get older either. We have taken 5 of the most asked questions by adults, to help clarify whether or not they are fact or fiction, hopefully helping you to feel more at ease with your own body and sex life.

The vagina will stretch and never go back

This can be a big worry for many women, who are concerned that through having babies or having sex with partners who have a large penis, that their vagina will stretch and then they will lose any real sensation from penetration in the future.

This is false. The vagina is more adaptable than we give it credit for. It is designed to open up to accommodate babies making their exit as well as for larger partners. It may take a few weeks to bounce back to where it was before, but generally over time it should not feel any different to how it did before.

Only penetrative sex can make a woman orgasm

This is false. Women are able to orgasm in a variety of ways that do not involve penetration of any kind. For those with sensitive nipples, lightly caressing or teasing them can lead to a wonderful orgasm. Focusing on the clitoris can also work wonders, using fingers or a vibrator to stimulate the area.

That it’s normal for sex to hurt

This is false and not normal. When you lose your virginity it is common to feel some soreness and maybe a little bit of pain, but as you have sex more often this should become more pleasurable and painless. If you do feel pain, try some different positions and ways to make yourself more comfortable. If you find that you are feeling pain each and every time that you have sex, consult your gynaecologist who will be able to examine you to check that you are not inflamed for some reason.

If I’m not wet then I’m not turned on

False! Everyone's bodies are different, with some producing natural lubrication as soon as they get turned on and others whose bodies simply refuse to. There is no right amount of natural lubrication, which is why there are so many easy to use lubes on the market. For women there are certain things that change the lubrication that we produce, such as our monthly cycle, the foreplay we experience and our hormones in general. Check out our great range of lubricants that can give nature a little helping hand. 

That masturbation is bad for you

Another false tale! It won’t make you go blind for certain and it is actually good for you in many ways. It can help to release tension, soothe menstrual cramps and will enable you to get to know your own body by means of exploration. If you would like to experience different ways of masturbating, take a look at our wide range of vibrators and dildos.